to South Shades Crest Animal Clinic.  Located at 2304 John Hawkins Parkway (Highway 150) in Hoover, our facility provides comprehensive medical services to pet owners in the Birmingham area.  We emphasize preventative medicine and nutrition and encourage regular physical examinations, vaccinations, flea and tick control as well as responsible pet ownership.  Our wide-array of facilities and services help you provide the best possible health care for your pet.

Although we are always here to provide care to sick or injured animals, we strongly encourage all pet owners to provide preventative health care for their pets.  Starting your puppy or kitten off on the right track means starting its vaccination series as early as six weeks of age.  After your pet's vaccination series is complete, yearly physical examinations and vaccinations are recommended to maintain the health of your pet.  

Heartworm prevention is an important part of preventative care.  Starting as a puppy or kitten, you can protect your pet from deadly, and very costly, heartworms with a once-a-month tablet given orally.

Nutrition is also an important part of your pet's health.  Our veterinarian and staff are knowledgeable in the different dietary products available and can help you decide what is appropriate for your pet's nutritional needs.

In the the South, flea and tick prevention is very important to maintaining your pet's health.  In order to protect your pet from the diseases carried by fleas and ticks, a once-a-month topical treatment, which can be used in conjunction with shampoos and area treatments, which will keep your pet free from both fleas and ticks.


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South Shades Crest Animal Clinic
2304 John Hawkins Parkway
Hoover, AL 35244
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